Rhino 5 - 4K screen issues (small icons)

Hey all,

I have had a 4K screen computer for about 8 months. When I had this issue before of tiny icons on the screen and I followed the instructions of this McNeel help page (https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/5/video/highres/toolbars_and_text_too_small_in_64-bit_rhino_5_on_high_resolution_screen), previously there were steps concerning downloading a manifest file and inserting it into the Rhino folder.

I had my computer sent in for repairs, and essentially came back in factory mode (Read: previous Rhino settings have been reset/had to redownload the software). I downloaded rhino and everything is fine until I do a , , command or something similar, then the icons become clustered, tiny, and unreadable. In this help page for McNeel I don’t see the option to create this manifest file override to insert into the rhino program folder. I have followed the new instructions that are there now, but I’m still facing the same problem. (note: I also followed this tutorial, to no avail (https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/5/video/highres/toolbars_and_text_sudenly_shrink) Was this problem to be repaired with the Rhino 5 SR14?

Help? Thoughts? For reference, I’m using a dell inspiron 15 (7559) in Windows 10 Creator’s edition, and have my DPI settings set to 225dpi as that’s the smallest I can comfortably go while working on my computer.

That was for Rhino 5 SR12.

Just to be sure:

  • Are you running SR14?
  • Are you running Windows 10 version 1703 or 1607?
  • Did you use the SetDpiAwareness command?