Rhino 5.0 Error reading default.rui


(Ryan) #1

I just had a blue screen from windows and it rebooted my system. After opening Rhino 5 back up it can’t read the rui file saying invalid character. Line 125114 position 32?

I tried loading in safe mode, get the same error.

Should I delete the RUI and run rhino again?

(foreigner) #2

Try to use ToolbarReset command .

(Ryan) #3

Thanks @foreigner

That did fix my Rhino Toolbars. My Paneling Tools toolbar still has an error loading. Not using it at the moment so not so concerned.

(foreigner) #4

Try to load Paneling Tools plug in > Tools ., Options … Plugin … Install > Browse . …

(Ryan) #5

Thanks for the input @foreigner but that didn’t work.

So I installed paneling tools from scratch but I still get “Root element is missing.”. It does have a drop down menu and the commands do function, just no toolbar.