Rhino 5.0 Analyzing hole vector

I am wondering what is the best way to analyze a hole to determine if it is a “straight” or “normal to surface” hole, or if it is on a vector. Can this be achieved by simply analyzing the center point of the hole at the top and bottom then comparing x and y coordinates?

Thanks in advance


Hi Al - I saw this question come in on our support email and I answered it yesterday - at least I offered an answer - I see it again here and on support email so I have a feeling our responses may be falling into a spam trap at your end - can you check?


Yes I got your response Pascal, Thank you. I was just wondering if there was another analyzing command that I could use instead of o-snapping centers or ends of lines.

Hi Al - a Line > Normal snapping at the center (IgnoreTrims = Yes) of one end may also help - Compare with a line Center to Center.

I can’t think of a one-shot analysis tool off hand that would just ‘do it’. Maybe Analyze > Direction and track your mouse along the inside of the hole - the wall - the readout at the cursor is the local draft angle relative to the CPlane.



Sounds good ill try line from center to center and compare.

One more quick question, when selecting curves in the machining regions tab, how do I get it to keep my recently selected curves. For example I used to run Rhino 5.0 version 2016, however it was already installed and setup by a previous user. I used to be able to select a curve for say drilling a hole, set my parameters, then if I selected the next machining operation to ream the hole, clicked select curves/edge regions and press enter, it would keep my previously selected regions, so I wouldn’t have to reselect the curve or region.

Thanks again


Hi Al - I’m afraid I need to send you back to MecSoft for this one - that is not part of Rhino.