Rhino 4 vs 5 Display Change

Can someone explain how I can make my projects display more like the Rhino 4 did. Though it presents itself better, I don’t like the reflectivity and the lack of color while I’m working on the parts in Rhino 5.


I think the grey objects are locked?

If so you can change the colour in the view settings:

In the dropdown you can choose Use object display attributes in stead of use specific lock colour.

It’s also possible to have set a single color or a custom material for all objects… --Mitch

Go to Options>View>openGL and enable “accelerated hardware”. I suspect you have an Intel HD GPU and Rhino disabled it automatically because certain display features won’t work with it. The Rhino 5 shaded mode does have a custom material with a slight environment map but the lower screenshot you posted looks to me like what happens when accelerated hardware is off.

That was it Brian!
And wow is it much faster to move around the assembly.

I didn’t try the others, because your suggestion looked easier.


I’m glad that helped. Was I right about the GPU listed if you enable accelerated hardware?