Rhino 4 SR9 installation on Win8 x64

Hi @pascal,

i´ve got one system in our lab where Win8 x64 is installed, Rhino 4 without service release and Rhino5 with SR5 is installed (x86 and x64). If i try to install SR9 for Rhino 4, i´m facing an error message that the version i like to install is the same as the version which is installed. The Rhino 4 install seems from Feb.2007, Once i open Rhino4 it reminds me that a new service release is available.

Both versions are Lab licenses. Any clues how to update RH4 to SR9 ?

thank you,

I bet what’s happening is when V5 32 bit was installed, it adds some registry keys to fool V4 plugin installers that Rhino V4 is really there. Maybe be cause of the order you installed this is fooling the old SR9 patch installer. The best fix might be uninstalling V4, then reinstalling with an SR9 version product CD and avoid the while service release process.

Perhaps I can stage a V4 SR9 ISO file download for you so you can burn yourself a Cr SR9 product CD.

John Brock - Rhinoceros Tech Support
Seattle - USA

thank you JB, (and Mitch)

i´ve got one link. I´ll forward this to the installation guy and report how it went.


Hi Clement, I responded to the auto-email but apparently that does not work yet - Steve got it. Anyway, it looks like JB has an idea… let’s go with that.


Thank you all, it worked !