Rhino 4 and 5 - Sped and hidden commands

Hi everyone. Rhino 5 user at home, Rhino 4 user at work.
While searching on the web to know if _OrientOnCrv works with history (Rhino 4 SR9), I found out on this page


About a UDT command _Sped. It works, and it will be VERY useful in my daily jewellery modeling. But the thing is: I could not found any documentation about it in the help files, it doesn’t appear in Rhino’s “Autosugest”, it is not mentioned on the forums, or even on the web. This command is so useful it can replace some T-Splines functions in my workflow.

About an year ago, I also found about _TestSetAALevel, that I supose its “hidden” because its was a WIP command, and _OrientCameraToSrf, that is nowhere in the toolbars, but also VERY useful for stone setting in jewellery design.

So, I could not find if this was already asked or discussed, but just for curiosity, what other things or commands (ALL OF THEM, PLEASE :smiley: ) are “hidden” in Rhino 4 and 5?
And why?

Thank you.

Hi Diego -Sped was a prototype for CageEdit, In general, ‘hidden’ or test commands are hidden for a good reason- there are many of these and most do nothing useful, and could cause crashing and/or data loss; they are added by developers for testing purposes. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of these… So, no, there is no list available.
I’ll see about OrientCameraToSrf, there should be a button for that- if there isn’t, it’s an oversight, we’ll make one- thanks.


Rhino 5 already has a button for OrientCameraToSrf, don’t worry! :smiley:


Thank you Pascal! That was exactly what I wanted to know.