Rhino 3K Laptop

Hi, I have a Lenovo W540, which has a 2880x1620 on a 15.4" 395mm Screen.

Overall Rhino runs good at 3K with no visual problems or artifacts in the rendering windows.

I upped the line and edge width to 2 pixels, at a speed hit. Unfinished lines are drawn 1 pixel wide until completed.
At this resolution, I lowered the anti-aliasing to 2x, which recovers some speed, coming from a GTX 570 desktop to the K2100m.
I changed the point and control point sizes to 4 pixels. Oddly I’ve always wanted the option for points these to be round.
I kept the tab sizes small, for some reason.
I worried about seeing the grid, but it is visible.

As far as the future, one sized larger button size would be better.
I run 120% text, which crowds the lower status line, while there is still room to the right.
The layer icons must be chosen with care.

It’s definitely usable, could be a little better, and not anywhere as bad as PhotoShop.



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Even better: make it happen every time!

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Thank you both for the round points.

The size of the round points will come from your settings on the square control points and point entities.I like to bump mine up to around 4 pixels, which make them much easier to find and select. Plus, they DO look cooler and that’s important.

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