Rhino 3GB file, trying to render it but its is not working


I am doing a project in Rhino and it come up with the 3GB is there a way to compresses it ?

I have Rhino 6

Have you tried Purge? Anf make Blocks out of similar objects instead of copies?

// Rolf

yes I did it but it still not working

Hello - is the file large ‘legitimately’? That is is it very complex and expected to be large, or are you saying there is something surprising about rhe file size?


It is 1GB file I do not know if its ok nor not I am trying to render it with lumion 10 but it is not allowing me

Hello - is there an error message?


yes, I have a mesh files to do you think it might be a problem ?

Hello - you’re not giving me very much help here - what is the error message?


We need some more information here…by which I mean a lot. It’s not rendering in Lumion? Does it shade in Rhino? Is this even a Rhino question? What is the “PolygonCount?” Is there a bunch of stuff in the model that’s not actually rendered? What I know of Lumion, which is almost nothing, it may not be able to handle unlimited polygons.

:smiley: thank for your help guys here is the file


So yeah, there are 21 million polygons in that, that may be too much for Lumion, which is GPU-based so the scene has to fit it on it. My GPU renderer, iRay, can handle it with 11GB of video memory, but that is an awful lot for what the scene actually is.

You need to use PolygonCount to zero in on the problem area…which seems to be the furniture, which is vastly more detailed than anything else, accounting for 20 million of those triangles. The mesh settings could be adjusted to do a more efficient job, the models could be massively simplified, and they could be packaged in blocks to take advantage of instancing to shrink file size and render faster.