Rhino 3D used to help build city of LA for Blade Runner 2049 Weta Productions

thought you might find it interesting.

Alexandre Galin


Yes at 0:52 show Blade Runner 2049 building.

Alias was a great tool for modeling but when it split into Maya, it cannibalizes itself. Maya users use Rhino also because of Grasshopper to do the job.
But not only Grasshopper, but Rhino by itself was also used to do a lot of important cool awesome objects.

Thanks for posting this, @alexandre_galin, even though it seems to be a repost!

Dude, Maya is still one of the greatest modelling tools!! Rhino really pales in comparison, which doesn’t mean that Rhino is not a great app in its own right!
Maya is just so feature packed that only few people truly master it. As a Maya user, you don’t even need Grasshopper for rudimentary parameter driven workflows. You have a huge palette of tools that can do parametric design.

It looks like they primarily use Rhino for their CAD to CAM workflow? I can’t see Grasshopper anywhere.

Sorry but No, If I make a real Ferrari or Wally cost/benefits or 3d for cinema or modern 2025 game dev, I use Rhino. I do not use Alias anymore. Animation in Unity or Unreal

Does this offer any possible leads to other work with Rhino in Los Angeles or Albuquerque?


Well, sorry …. I was just excited when I read the post as I’m trying to use my learning Rhino pay! I know about the job boards but I never see anything in the show biz in LA

Haha, I’m not form California, or from the US for that matter, so I wouldn’t know. :wink: