Rhino 3D PDF

How do I export a 3D PDF from Rhino? I can’t find a U3d option. I also can’t figure out how to get a white background on the 3D PDFs I’ve made from Mesh Lab exports. I can change the background color on the Acrobat Pro file but I can’t seem to save it with that color background,.



Yes, I tried that but the file sizes are too big so far. I can probably work with the Meshlab to Acrobat method.


Have you contacted the developer? They might have a solution…

Its too urgent- I was able to figure out a work flow with decimating in Zbrush and pushing up the quality in MeshLab. I found the setting to give me the white background I need in Acrobat.

It looks like the Chinese guys working with the same company are creating 3D PDFs directly in Rhino, but I believe they use an older version.

I resume this old topic because I have a similar problem with Rhino.
I tried the evaluation version of SimLab product; it works fine, except for the fact that I loose all Flamingo settings on my models. I mean, all the decals and textures are gone, I can only see my solids and surfaces colored like the layer color.
Anyone has an idea? Thanks in advance!

Simlab uses standard RDK from Rhino Render, materials/textures must set here through Rhino Render ->Material ->Object, but that is good enough…

Eddi, thanks for your advice. I tried that way, and it works.
The problem is that working in packaging industry, I always have to render objects with a printed artwork…so decals are much more effective to me than textures or materials. Thanks anyway!

small consolation, you can little play with (not perfect in every situation but better than nothing):
good old description here