Rhino 3D:Patch sequnce

Hello All,
I am having problem with the sequence of patches in rhino. Is it possible to change the sequence of a .igs file which is created from the rhino? Say there is 4 patches. 1,2,3,4.
If i want to create an .igs file from the rhino which will create the patch sequence 1,3,2,4, is it possible to do so?

Hi niloy, do you mean the order in which they appear in the file? I have no idea how they are written out, but the order in the Rhino document is last made= top of the list, so to change the order, cut/paste one by one so that the one you want to be first is cut/pasted last - again, I have no idea if IGES export will pay attention, if that is even what you are asking about.