Rhino 3D Chair Modelling Masterclass

Chair Modelling Masterclass (English)
4-hour live online

Sach Chauhan is hosting a new series of short-format masterclasses in 3D modelling with Rhino 7. Based on familiar, everyday products, they combine convenient shorter duration sessions with a live online teaching format, great to fit into busy schedules while giving you a live, fully interactive experience.

First in the series is the 4-hour Chair Modelling Masterclass, where you will use Rhino 7 as a 3D digital ‘sketch’ tool to develop the model of a chair. You will learn how to complete your model for visualization, prototyping, and production.

It’s a fast-paced class, suitable for users with a basic understanding and experience using Rhino and who want to expand their learning and skills with effective workflows for iterative design modelling to explore, define and keep control of your designs. Or have general CAD skills and want an introduction to some of Rhino’s surface creation and editing to create free-form yet controlled geometries for industrial and product design.

Improve your Rhino skills and confidence this summer to enhance your design process with Sach’s summer offer. Get 10% off your booking with voucher code RHINOSUMMER10.

You can book scheduled classes or arrange a time of your convenience as a group, online, or in person.

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Posted Jul 07, 2023 by Carla Sologuren on Rhino News, etc.