Rhino 3.0 toolbar issue [ancient history]

Hi all,
i still use rhino 3.0 for some tasks because there is a plugin i still use.
I recall from ancient history [2004] that there was a workaround for the issue where the toolbars didnt stack properly.

the issue is that at some point, the toolbars only permit you to have one toolbar in each row, so a toolbar with a single button will occupy an entire line.

the workaround was that a certain file had to be deleted, and then the toolbars would allow you to stack them again.

if anyone could help it would be terrific, and miraculous. If i recall, a fellow by the name of Nikko Oksaanen or something like that nutted out the solution.

best regards from the early 2000’s,

At least @mikko is still around - let’s hope that helps :wink:

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Hi Jono - I don’t recall exactly, but you might try, with Rhino closed, opening RegEdit and renaming the default scheme here:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\3.0\Scheme: Default

Then restart Rhino…? I’m skeptical, it does not ring a bell, but that is all I see in the registry that looks at all promising.


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thanks pascal,
deleting the toolbar entries in there did the trick.
a lot more screen space now.
regards from rhino 3