RH8 - lag on dragging objects

Hi, im experiencing lag , when dragging objects in RH8, compared to RH7

Is this lag in dragging objects someting I can change in a setting preference somewhere ?

see attached screen recordings



Beta or release version?

Oh Im sorry, Its the release version. I thought it was still in beta since there are so many bugs. Ill change the title

hi @ohlers I cannot reproduce that behavior here, neither in the release nor in current builds of the day.
Can you post your _SystemInfo?

SystemInfo.txt (4.6 KB)

@ohlers that’s a very specific setup you have. Does you mac perform correctly in V7?
If you run Rhino in OpenGL mode, do you see the same behavior? (TestMetal)
Are you using a dedicated Thunderbolt cable to connect your mac to the eGPU?

Yes It runs perfect with RH7

Where do i change to OpenGL mode ?

Yes , dedicated thunderbolt cables

…and sorry, this is the release version - I thought it was still in beta because of many bugs…
(I change the post now)

by running _TestMetal

Ah ok

yes it works perfect with Metal turned off.

Makes sense , when working on a Intel Mac :wink:

well, Metal has existed long before the M chips existed. It’s just that OpenGL has no future on the mac platform.

Good to hear that this at least works, that way we can narrow it down to Metal
RH-78372 lagging object drag on eGPU in Metal

Yes probably - Im saving up to get me a Mac M2

I hope you get the issues with the toolbar icons and other stuff related to this new “Windows” UI sorted. Its a bit of a bummer to pay for new software, and then have to go through all this hassle without proper documentation, having to make screen recordings and post in the forum just to get a decent workflow again. It shouldnt be necessary, when most trouble seems to be caused by the factory settings, and whole concept of workflow in the UI being way, way off from what we (Mac users) have been used to in RH7

I’m having a similar issue but on Windows, where it will lag in Rh8 upon beginning to drag for 2 sec, and then work fine. It doesn’t happen on Rh6 though (my previous version).

I have issues with lagging on windows too. Since I installed the release version I had a grasshopper window open every time I used it, so I can’t say if the lagging also occurs without gh open. happens when I pan or rotate the view. not always but often, it’s very annoying. I didn’t had this with the beta.

Just know there are lots of issues with toolbar-related stuff in Windows Rhino as well. Some of them are the same bugs. This is a MAJOR, COMPLETE rewrite of the entire system - which is extremely complex - and I just think there haven’t been enough users testing in different ways to find them until now. So, yeah, I know it feels like an extended Beta. I wish it were different, but in reality, the only way to find all this stuff is to have LOTS of users trying things in their own way and stumbling on cases that the McNeel devs didn’t cover in their somewhat limited in-house testing.

Hej -

Rhino 8 SR0 2023-10-31 (Rhino 8, 8.0.23304.09002, […])

Could you install the SR1 release candidate to see if that works better?

Version 8 (8.0.23304.09002, 2023-10-31)

still some flickering with metal


Rhino 8 8.0 (8.0.23243.08302)
still some flicker with Metal on

You are still running the 8.0 release version.

here you can find a link to the RC

Where are the settings for update and auto update ? Im pretty sure I have set it to auto update to service releases. Why dont it auto update from 8.0 to 8.1 ?