RH8 Improving the Workflow of the "Import Content" Component?

I have a scenario where I want to import non-hidden objects from another Rhino document.

Initially, we have four groups of objects, as shown in Image #1. The target objects for import are the orange ones. I hide the red objects using a command and turn the green layer (labeled ‘hidden on target layer’) to hidden, resulting in the view shown in Image #2. Please refer to the attached file ‘hidden_objects_to_be_imported.3dm’ for more details.

Next, I use the model object visibility filter to select objects where ‘hidden’ is set to false. This reveals that only objects with the ‘hidden’ attribute in their visibility settings can be detected, as illustrated in Image #3. Adding a layer visibility set to hidden only filters out the green objects whose layer was directly hidden. While this makes sense from a programming standpoint, as specificity is key, it doesn’t seem to be the most user-friendly approach. It’s cumbersome to recursively set the filter, especially with multi-level sublayers.

Is there a way for the object visibility to detect hidden objects irrespective of whether they are hidden by command, by their current layer, or by their ancestor layer?

image #1:

image #2:

image #3:

image #4:

Also, being able to import objects by specific layers would greatly enhance efficiency, especially in large files where only a few objects need to be imported.

hidden objects to be imported by.3dm (5.1 MB)
Program doc.gh (288.1 KB)
Program doc.3dm (2.8 MB)