RH8 GhPython API Discrepency for OnPingDocument().Objects?

Hi, I’m trying to set the value of a Number Slider using Rhino 8 WIP in Grasshopper. I can do this successfully using a script component running IronPython2, but Python3 fails running the same code. It appears the underlying C# interface is different between these two scripting environments.

Here is the discrepency, calling this returns lists of two different types:

In IronPython2 returns a list of direct usable component types like: GH_NumberSlider
In Python3 returns a list of IGH_DocumentObject interfaces

So in IronPython2 this call works:

but in Python3 the same call fails with:
‘IGH_DocumentObject’ has no attribute ‘Slider’

Is there some way to cast the object in the Python 3 code so that obj is a reference to a usable: GH_NumberSlider?

Grasshopper code example:
231107_slider_experiment.gh (13.4 KB)