RH8.3 - 4 pt Sphere not working

Latest update 8.3.23346.14002, 2023-12-12

4 point sphere not working

NOTE - still sick and tired of having to click 3 times to open tools in a sub-toolbar …

Please revert to RH7 function: click-hold-mouse-over action will spring-open all toolbars and sub-toolbars, and selected tool is activated on click release = 1 click !

Hej Hans -

That seems to be working as it has “always” done. (I’ve only tested Rhino 5, 6, and 8…)
Perhaps you could use the words in your post to describe the problem you are having with this and not simply repeat a different issue that is handled elsewhere?

thankyou. Apologies for combining two separate issues in one post !

Where is the 3-click issue with the new RH8 toolbar panels functionality handled elsewhere?

I cannot see how drawing a 4 click sphere is “working” ?

the first 3 clicks defines the plane section of the sphere, and the fourth click should define the radius of the sphere.
As it is demonstrated in the video, the sphere is only drawn when i click same place as last (3.) point drawn, but that is not defining a variable radius, as shown in the help video

It is working at least on the Windows side here.

well, not here in RH8.3 for Mac

Here, in Rhino 8.3 on macOS, it is working the same as it does on Windows. The fourth point needs to be picked in a different plane than the first 3. If you want to do that in a perspective window, you’ll have to use cmd to activate elevator mode.

Thankyou. I was expecting the command to expect me to visually / manually define the radius with the 4. click

I have found the sub-command “radius” in the command prompt, that appears after 2. click.

activating “radius” will give me the visual response i was expecting, in Perspective mode

I have been looking around for other posts , where you say this is handled…
I can see it is mentioned several places, but I cannot see that this is yet accepted as an issue ?
Is it ?

Isn’t that this one?

Yes, that was my post about this issue. Others have mentioned this as well in other posts.

I just couldnt find anywhere where it was being “handled” and logged in as an official, acknowledged issue, that should be fixed as soon as possible.

I read somewhere about it being put up for fix in RH 9 … which I think is a serious mistake and a grave regression from RH7.

But I get your point. This is not the right post to discuss this…

Thanks for re-visiting this log, I just saw your recent comments - Thanks !
I felt indeed misunderstood. This is not about having a menu instead of toolbars, it is about the many clicks to open toolbars and sub-toolbars.

I understand now, later , from talking with other users, that the one-click-hold - flyout- release click option was also present in RH7 for windows

I just dont get it, why change a brilliant one-click option in RH7 into a tedious 2-3 click option in RH8