RH7: how to make a solid rectangle (ie filled in with paint)?

I am working with some 2D architectural drawings.
I need to add a post-it note on the drawings to print and aid in site measurement.

In terms of ms paint, i want to draw a rectangle and fill it with a colour. This should not show any of the covered details.

I can’t find a fill rectangle. the best i can find is hatches, which don’t obscure the details on drawing.

aha – command: bringtofront gets it to cover the other objects.

my previous attempts were only bringing the rectangle forward and not the hatch

Under dimensions, look for the Text Block command which brings up this dialogue:

Once you have created your text block you can edit it at any time by selecting the text and going to the properties panel Text tab.


p.s. to select the Text Block you have to put the cursor on the text, not the coloured background

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Thanks, that works well and is way more straight forward – if I have text to type. This will be useful in other cases.

For an empty box, I thought I could trick it with spaces, but that does not work.