RH7 - Extrude SubD command duplicates complete object if the object is selected prior to activate the command

I don’t know if this is known (but I assume) as I was trying to get to know the new features of RH7 and using the SubD tools for the first time, I came across the behaviour described in the title.

I did a short video (the clicks are lagging) where you can see what happens if you select your object prior to clicking to extrude SubD. It then duplicates the object as a whole.

If you click on the command first, and then on your model surfaces, then you can select the surfaces you want to edit as expected.

Again, it is just an observation, don’t know if that is intended like that.

EDIT: In addition, looking at other SubD Tools, it would be great to also have the Gumball available when Extruding SubD.

You can select sub-objects (faces, edges, vertices) by holding ctrl+shift and clicking on the faces you want. Then you can extrude using the button.

The behavior you see is expected, since you have already made a selection.

Extrusion with gumball you can do by selecting the faces you want as per above, then use the dot on an axis you want to extrude along.

Ahhhh! Thanks for the explanation.