RH6 SR3 the mesh tools are gone

What’s happened to QuadMesh and Mesh2 commands?
Do I have to stick with castrated abilities of standard mesh tool?

OK, I figured out they are only in WiP.
After installing WiP I’ve notices that QuadMesher sometimes freezes Rhino and leaves no option for report after killing the session.

Hi @Piotr,

Can you send me the model which freezes the QuadMesher?


Hi David
Check this out. Very basic example.QM fail.3dm (111.2 KB)
To be specific: QM does even enter the options status. It hangs after typing the command.


Thanks for reporting this bug. I have fixed it and it should be available when the next WIP is released (this Tuesday/Wednesday).

As a workaround, you can go into the Top view and rotate the surface so that it is tilting 45 deg in the Top view. QuadMesh should now work.


I’ve extracted edges and built new surface as a workaround.