RH6 Slow wireport in redered mode

is possible to say Rhino to use for display only GPU(s) instead CPU? Or something similar?
Shaded or rendered mode is very slow…(and i dont know why…)
i7-3770 3.4GHz
Nvidia Gforece RTX 2060 6GB

size of scene about 400 MB…

Slow compared to what? How many polygons are being displayed? (Use PolygonCount to find out.)

Hello, to “show it and move in scene with render wireport”
I guess that polygon count is not very important.
This happened by small scene too, about 6895893 polygons…

Hello - is it any faster if you turn off Skylight (Lights panel)?


Hello Pascal, thank you for reply.
its off…i never turn on skylight…

And, is it any faster in Shaded mode?


Yes, in shaded mode it is little bit faster…but not to much…