RH6 Shut lining


shut lining not accept profile change, still is “V” shape, independet to chice profile. It’s purposely?

Hello - as far as I can see this works here -

Do you have an example that does not change?


Yes, in the srf it is ok, but in the end…? And quality of mesh modifiers (shut linig, edge softening) is independet on render mesh setting?
And now i have second problem - modifiers are not visible in V-Ray…:confused:

Keep in mind that this is a rendering trick - not a modeling tool. The ‘groove’ is V-shaped regardless, the ‘profile’ you see is a matter of welding some vertices in the mesh and not others.


ok, i understand…
And why is not see mesh modifiers in vray?

Reading your other thread on the subject, I assume this is sorted now?

Yes…sorry. I thought new thred would be better…problem is after install latest RCSRP…