RH6 Display Mode Names dont work with special keys like + and -

Well, the topic name describes it allready.

I copied a display mode, changed the name to “WireframeUV+Iso”.
The DM appeared with the correct name in the DM-list. But when i choose it, RH6 came up with the following:

Command: '_Options
Unknown command: WireframeUV+Iso
Mode ( Wireframe Shaded Rendered Ghosted XRay Technical Artistic Pen Arctic Raytraced VRayInteractive ):

As you see the “WireframeUV+Iso” is not mentioned any more.
It could not be activated. Renaming it to “Wireframe UV Iso” makes it work…


Yes, this is to be expected, I would not put any special characters (except _underscores which should work, I think) in anything that produces command line prompts/options, as they will not be accepted.


I was about to create a new topic on this. I also ran into this issue. I was trying to make a display mode called “Shaded+NakedEdges” and it took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t switch to it.