RH6 (and 7) - Bug - saving options to ini

Steps taken:

  • Used OptionsExport to export custom options.
  • Uninstalled RH6 BETA.
  • Installed RH6.0 and RH WIP.
  • Used OptionsImport to read portions of the custom options.


  • Only the first entry in Rhino Options > General > Command Lists > Run these commands every time Rhino starts is read.
  • When opening the INI file in Notepad, I find a single StartupCommands=* entry.
  • The following lines in the file are settings with the KEY=VALUE format.
  • The last lines before the next heading ([Options\Grid]) contain the remaining cmds but not formatted with StartupCommands=*.

Ref: RH-43692
(I’ve put this down as ‘major’)