Rh V6 - osnap and dimension

Hello, i have several questions:

Secret Osnap

  • Where is from secret osnap mode choice "between"?

Dimension mask

  • still whatever dimension mask in anotation style is not visible text during active command.

Linear dimension / linear dimension continuous

  • why the commnad " linear dimension " remember choice " contiue " when the right click is direct "continuous" dimension, its not usable.

  • when i choose dimension and in properties change style (only for one dimension) then next command "Linear dimension" use this style to - why?

  • when start "linear dimension - continuous" (riht click) - then the standart command "linear dimension" after start have this choice "checked" too - why?

Thank you.

Hello - Between is on the Onsap menu, (Tools > Object snap). It is a 'one-shot osnap, that is one for which it does not make sense to have a ‘permament’ check box - instead, like other one-shots, it lives on the Shift key-Down version of the OSnap toolbar. If you hold Shift and hover over the OSnap toolbar, you’ll see Between and others, Ctrl key down gives another set of ‘special’ snaps.

I can change the macro to explicitly turn off Continue - I don’t think it’s ever come up but it seems reasonable to me. To do this yourself, you can Shift-Right click the button and change the left hand macro to match the right hand one but change _Yes to _No
! _Dim _Continue=_No


thank you for your reply.
I admit, then looking for “hiden” osnap uder “shift” not happen to me. Thanx
Macro i wrote myself - But now - how would look a macro when i need automaticly begin with new chain, not form the last dimension?

And one question plus:

  • Is possible to have a “popup” window (after double click) for editing text and dimension smaller and closer to text? - like in V5, in V6 is window too big and slow…:confused:

You should be able to but I believe right now the command line options are broken - you should be able to use this macro:

! Dim Continue=Yes NewChain

But as far as I can see the Continue option cannot be set explicitly, it is acting like a toggle, so running the macro a second time fails.



Yes, you are right, that is the problem.