Rh 7 invert turn off gumball


I am using latest evaluation version of RH7 downloaded for McNeel web site.
I am encountering a problem : when using “invert” command.

here it is : when the gumball is on and i select a given item i can see and use gumball functionalities.
after using “invert” command the gumball turns off and there is no way to get it back.

i never faced such a problem so i assumed it to be a bug.

thanks , regards

you mean you select a different object then and the gumball stays turned off? or does the gumball simply vanish when you invert? which would be normal since the selection changes.

It would only be normal if all available objects were selected before the invert. Otherwise it would be on and reflect the newly selected objects following the invert,

@cloudsvisitor77, after you invert, look at the command history panel and see if any objects have been added to the selection. If none then there is nothing to gumball. If some, then try Zoom Selected - you may have objects offscreen that are causing the gumball to centre off screen too.

FWIW everything seems normal in the current release of 7.


i am not sure i follow. when i select an object with gumball turned on and use the command invert the selected objects have a different center hence the gumball might vanish out of my view.