RH 7 - Deselect curves with disable "Allow selecting object with points on"

My setting is:
uncheck “Allow selecting object with points on”
check “Turn on ctrl points when selecting a curve…”

If I selecting more curves (some by window, some by just click) then is impossible to deselect curves (prewiously selected by click) because they have visible ctrl points…

Would be possible change this behavior?

I don’t see this here. If I have a number of curves, if I select one at a time, the control points turn on. If I select several at a time with a window, those that I windowed don’t have the control points on. However with Ctrl+Click I can deselect any of them, whether they have points on or not.

Hi -

I am seeing that behavior here, and, if you ask me, it’s the logical result of the “Allow selecting objects with point on” option.

Hi, yes, it’s logical, I know :slight_smile: But “selection” is a specific operation and could an exception for example exist …?

A similar problem was with the text at first - it was not possible to edit the text with the points turned on.
There is exception for text edit.
I think that would be great to make exception for remove from selection object with wisible points => for better workflow…
Just my opinion…