RH 6.0 - two problems on one image


  1. First message is clear
  2. There is no way to change the tab icon size, it is gone in a new WiP


It looks like the file save error is caused by mixing of two-byte UTF and one-byte ASCII characters - look at all the spaces between the first directory.

Hi Menno
You speak some foreign language to me :wink:.
Export form RH 5.0 to SKP was successfull.

Well, you posted in the Rhino Developer category - this means programming. In programming there are (at least) two types of symbols one-byte and two-byte. If those are mixed, you can see a space after each letter.

You may want to change the category?

I have been told to post all issues regarding WiP in the “developer” category. How would you have label it?

I would say that it is better to post this in Serengeti. I moved it now.