Revolve/history bug is still alive in V8

Hi McNeel
The revovle bug (where history enabled revolves suddenly decide to move the revolve axis) is, I’m sad to say, still present in V8. I’ve only just had the chance to install V8, and one of the very first things I ran into - testing out the constraints - was that revolving with history is still a huge PITA. As you can see in the attached video, it’s not always, just sometimes. Here, it took two tries, sometimes it takes 4 or 5. Can this please be fixed - preferably in V7 also? This is really debilitating to parts of my workflow

EDIT Just checked - this bug goes back to at least August of ´21.

Please provide a small file and the detailed instructions to repeat the problem.
Then we can get it on the pile to be fixed.


Hi Jakob -

That’s correct, RH-65682 is still open and still set to be looked at for some SR of Rhino 8.
I’ve added this thread…

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