Revit's Detail Level component error of insufficient memory


i’ve been working on a project for this past week, everything worked fine, i finished tiedying my code and closed the programme. I tried reopening it 5 minutes laters and some errors started showing up when the file was opening. paranoid


In the end i am left with a red screen.

I had something rather simillar earlier this week but it was less problematics, some Detail level component would crash, out off insufficient memory, but as long as i would move them on the sheet they would work back…

So I hope someone has an idea, i tried opening it in rhino to delete the DL components but i couldn’t delete them cause they were not selectable…

Here are the files (Revit and Rhino) if need be:
i couldn’t internalise the datas before sending the files here, so if a link from revit to rhino is broken tell me (normally there shouldn’t)




This has to do with too much info passing through text panels in grasshopper.

Delete as many superfluous text panels as possible.

Hi Japhy, i believe that’s not it, a colleague of mine explained me a way to close the red canva mode, it allowed me to delete the “Detail level” component and now i don’t have problem anymore. I checked for any panel with too much data passing throught, but there was none, either they are used for implementing indexes or to verify one data at a time such as a length.

So if anyone as an idea as to why the Detail level which is a category picker type component, would create such trouble, i’m all ears.



It’s not the Detail Level Component, that just tipped it over. The general rule is not to pass data through panels; only text, and there are limitations.

Looking at your definition I’m not seeing the expected pass through panels or anything unusual. I’ve only seen this error in panel behavior and will take a closer look to what’s tipping the GDI to it’s breaking point. Thanks for reporting.

The script itself is rather large, breaking it into its various parts is recommended.


About breaking the script, i’ve never done that but i’ll look into it! :slight_smile: