Revit to Rhino

I am trying to import Revit Geometry in Rhino using Rhino.inside.
I am using grasshopper’s script Sample_revit_to_Rhino given on the website.
Now when I am running the script error is coming.
Screenshot iss attached.
Please look

The elements output need to go into the elements input on your Element to Elements Geometry components. The detail level can be set by Right Clicking on the Detail Level text or using the Detail Level picker component.

Thank you so much @Japhy
But still, I am facing issues while using that geometry in Rhino.
Actually, I wanna conduct a daylight analysis of the model imported from Revit.
But I am unable to provide Brep of the geometry in Grasshopper.
Firstly i imported .fbx/.dxf files in rhino. However, while providing Brep, I am unable to select the model(rooms/windows etc.)
Then i tried using Revit.inside rhino. But still unable to assign brep here also.
Please have a look.

You should be able to get the Brep of the Revit Geometry. Can you provide some additional context?

Thanks @Japhy
Actually, I am trying to sort out the issue. It might be on my geometry itself.
But, still, I wanna say that. I did imported the dxf file in Rhino. After that when I am opening grasshopper and trying to assign brep, then i am unable to select the model in rhino.
Can you please tell me what should i need to provide (additional context)