Revit to Rhino - How to render? (Rhino 6, Vray 3.60)

I am not able to render files brought in from Revit. It seems they contain a large amount of blocks/meshes. Whenever I start the render vray appears to be cycling through “Creating render meshes” with no end in sight.

Does anyone have any ideas?

You could test is it a Vray issue or a Rhino issue by switching the render engine to Rhino and start a rendering - do you get the endless mesh creation there too?

I tried a different approach and it’s working now. I turned off all the layers and turned them on incrementally and rendered each layer once. This way, it seems it didn’t pick up all the meshes at once? It’s odd. This seems to have solved the issue

It would be interesting - at the end you should be able to render the whole scene since all meshes are created. Best don’t use “save small” to keep the meshes for the next Rhino session.