Revit Rooms via Forge Design Automation to Rhino Geometry

Dear community,
I’m struggling with the following problem for a while and hope you can give me some advice and ideas on how to move forward.

I was trying to retrieve the geometry (Brep) of a Revit room for Rhino. The idea is that a user can upload a Revit file to a platform. With the Forge design automation, we can loop through the rooms (already implemented), and the Revit room geometry is converted to a Rhino Brep. This Brep is then serialized, encoded and passed via JSON to the following module. The challenge is the conversion since it is not possible to use RhinoCommon (just Rhino3dmIO) in this environment.

Until now, we are passing the Vertices of each room in a structured JSON, this method is prone to failure.

I’m aware of the Rhino.Inside project, which I find grate and extremely useful. In this case, the approach seems not to work since Revit is running through Forge.

Thank you so much for your help.


@pitscheiderfabian As far as I can remember, FDA runs a Revit plugin over your models. I don’t think you can get anything other than the plugin deployed to the FDA. And RIR requires a standalone Rhino installation. However, you can create a custom Revit plugin and use the public Rhinocommon (Nuget package) to maybe create a mesh from room geometries.

Thank you much for your response.

That is exactly what I was trying. The big question for me is how to transform a Revit solid (3D room) into a Rhino Brep? are you aware of a method in Rhinocommon that allows such a serialization?

Thank you so much for your help