Revit Reference Planes + Dimensions

Hi, I would like to know if it will be possible in the future to create Revit Reference planes using RiR in the following ways:

  • Inside the family environment, similar to how we add FamilyElement.ByBrep and other elements. At first I thought this could be done through Sketch Planes, but then I discovered they serve a different purpose.
    Reference planes could be created based on GH planes, although I suspect we would need to indicate the visual extents of the plane just like we do in Revit. Creating them through lines could also be an option, so extents and even plane orientation are implied through line start and end points.

  • Inside the project environment, as I understand a different method would need to be used in order to bake separately inside a family environment and the project environment.

Connected to this, the possibility to create Revit Dimensions aligned with these planes, assign parameters and lock these dimensions would simplify the process of setting up the building blocks of a Revit family, only leaving geometry alignment up to the user.

Reasoning: It’s common practice in family creation to align and lock geometry and dimensions / parameters to reference planes and reference lines (which act as the bones of the family and tend to behave more consistently with changes). While RiR currently gives the possibility of instantly modifying and reloading Revit families, this workflow would hopefully approach one of the standard methods of family creation in Revit, only with the added unlimited power of GH automation!

Thanks a lot for this technology, keep up the good work!!

Yes, once inside the Family editor, there are many areas that we do not handle yet:

  1. Reference Planes
  2. Sweeps extrudes etc…
  3. Dimensions

We are aware that we need to add more in this area and there is many methods available. If anyone wants to create Python components in the mean ti,e to prototype this, that would be cool.

Currently the issue of Families and geometry is a bog deal. If you are able to wrap BREPS and Voids Freeorms in Families, you can edit those shapes with Revit and they will section, hatch and schedule properly. Families can create as New in the project or outside. There are tricks to making Families.

I have an example that I need to get in the tutorials folder. I should be able to do that early this week.
Here is a place to start with the Family stuff that is currently working: