Revit Primitives - super slow

Has anyone got the same issue with right clicking on Revit primitive components in Grasshopper to select Revit elements being super slow?

It has been like this for the last couple of updates for me.

Hi @rkh,

Are you talking about any parameter or there is one that is specially slow?
When you say it is slow, is it slow just right clicking or when you try to pick an element?

Hi @kike.
I am talking about when using Component from the Revit Primitives bar - e.g. Graphical Element, to reference an element from a Revit view. However when right clicking to select elements - everything stops for about 15 seconds, where I can not move anything before the dialog panel comes up where I can click e.g. “Set one Graphical Element”. I didn’t experience this earlier. As an Engineer I often use this to reference specific Revit elements to use the geometry for structural analysis, but this thing really breaks my workflow. Would there be a better way of doing it?

Are you using v0.3 ?

We did a fix that should speed this up.

@kike Thanks!
I wasn’t using 0.3 apparently. Now it works perfectly! :slight_smile: