Revit Player dynamic input


Is there a way to prepare GH files for Revit Player that it will ask us to select the input in Revit? I’m thinking about universal, reusable tools.

Another question would be if these can be multistep, firstly select input, and then specify some value - preview the outcome and accept.

You might wanna take a look at the Human UI. Following link might be a good way to start👇:

Thank you,
I did some work with Human UI in the past but only inside Rhino.

There is one topic that is touching on “select graphical element” in Revit with Human UI and I will switch to this topic.

If there is something to add in that subject but without using Human UI, please write here.

Originaly what I had in mind is something like GH Player components but for dealing with Revit objects.


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Indeed ! I am surprised that the player button is present but can’t be used at the moment since we can’t ask for a prompt in the Revit interface. @mcneelsoftware This is a very important functionnality, it allows our colleagues not so versed in Grasshopper to be able to use our scripts.

Revit is transactional in how it processes commands, think of how it behaves when editing a sketch, when a command is run it needs to finished before doing another command.

So we will never be able to Launch a prompt to pick something in Revit using the Player ?
That is a huge chunk of interaction that we are not using. It really limits the entrance of most users.

There are possibilities but it would work differently than the current ability to run a script in the player. More interactions with Revit & Rhino is one of the goals for Rhino.Inside.Revit 2.x.

Ouhhh I didn’t know about a major upgrade, is there a roadmap somewhere ? BTW thanks @Japhy for being so responsive, it’s rare nowadays and that’s why I picked Rhino as my default modeler

There’s a lot of work to do and developers aren’t constrained to hard dates, in general you can follow the Rhino 8 WIP and beta timeline that will house Rhino.Inside.Revit future progress. Note that RiR is a plugin (vs Rhino feature) and not on the same schedule, although shipping Rhino 8 without RiR is very unlikely.

Many of the features in Rhino.Inside.Revit come from Users input on their particular workflows, so feel free to make suggestions.