Revit cannot run the external application "Rhino.Inside"

hello hello,
when I run Revit 2018, it appears this message.
It seems to be a problem due to incompatibly between RVT 2018 and the latest version of Rhino.Inside?

is there a way to solve this?

many thanks in advance

We need to know the exact:

  1. Revit service release
  2. Rhino version and service release (7.5, 7.6?)
  3. Rhino.Inside.Revit build date

We can see what is different in this case?

Dear Scott,
thank you for your reply

1- Revit 2018
2- Rhino 7.6
3- Rhino.Inside created 5/25/2021

thank you very much for your time & help

What is the specific version number Revit reports? I think it should be in the About box:



Revit 2018 20170223_1515(x64)

Hi @m.b,

Are you on Revit 2018.2?

It’s the minimum now.


hello @kike, thank you for your reply;

unfortunately there`s no way to get version 2018.2 or more

(taking the highway)

Maybe @emiliano.delloro may help here.

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oh! that`s amazing news, thanks !