Revit and Rhinoceros .ifc format

I have a client that wants a variety of different formats, especially 3Ds and Revit files. 3Ds is no problem as you can export it from Rhinoceros. However, none of the Revit formats are supported in Rhino.
I managed to find someone that could export my Rhino file and convert it to various Revit formats.
One of the formats-.ifc is apparently like a “pdf”
In the 3D modelling world according to some Revit specialist.
I am just wondering, if .ifc files are considered as “pdf 3D equivalent file type” why is it not included in Rhinoceros’s list of exportable formats?
Can someone clarify if .ifc files are indeed so widely used?

From the web: The IFC exchange format has been internationally established in the construction industry (ISO certified) and increasingly defined as a common exchange standard.

It seems that the .ifc format is a STEP type file.
Would it work to export.stp file from Rhinoceros and change the file extension to .ifc?


There are several plugins that support creating IFC files from Rhino.

Ifc is widely used in structural coordination

My recommendation if you have a Revit license is to use Rhino.Inside.Revit to create native revit elements and export to Ifc from there.

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Thanks Japhy
I will look into these plug-ins. Unfortunately I don’t have a Revit license.
The person helping me did send me all the formats, although the .ifc file is only 6Kb while all other formats are large files. I suspect that she did something wrong when exporting the .ifc format.

If she can’t sort this out, I will have to see if I can use the add-ons in Rhino.