Review about Rhino and Grasshopper in a Romanian magazine

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Nice article about Rhino and Grasshopper in Tehnica & Tehnologie Romanian magazine.

“The article presents a couple with notoriety in the 3D design software’s field: Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, from Robert McNeel & Associates.

In addition to their experience/maturity, these solutions are recommended by several distinct features: Rhino has a user-interaction very similar to AutoCAD, but actually it excels in the design of threedimensional unconventional surfaces (based on NURBS technologies), therefore being a predilection for styling-designers (of industrial design: automotive, aeronautical, boats, recreational; of product design: appliances, furniture, jewellery, lighting, personal belongings, etc).

In addition to these advantages, we could count its accessibility, its open architecture (existence of many third-party plug-in solutions), compatibility and collaboration with many CAD platforms.

But the Rhinoceros’ success is due to the amazing complementarities offered by Grasshopper: the associated software for 3D parametric design through visual programming. The article also throws a little light on the Rhino-Grasshopper coupled way-of-working” (by Mircea Badut)

Complete article in PDF (in Romanian)…

Posted Apr 14, 2016 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.