Revert Rhino Update to previous version

Dear All,

this morning I updated Rhino as requested and now my grasshopper document I use everyday is crashing rhino when opened.

As soon as it opens and tries to solve, rhino just shuts down.

Is there a was to revert to the previous Rhino version? yesterday everything was working.

Thank you


Same thing happens here! Solver started to kill Rhino. Sometimes my .gh file does not open at all and if it opens the next time solver has to do something a bit more tedious it just zaps Rhino away. Everything worked fine before the last update.

Next I’ll try the file on another machine with less grasshopper plugins and see what happens.


Hello again!

Same thing on the other machine.

What folders should I send back in time with time-machine to downgrade? Applications/Rhino 7 is obvious, but what else?



I have found here Rhino 7 for Mac SR 11, perhaps this is worth a try:



Hi again,

I went to the april version with Time Machine and now it started working again!
I restored the following to the time before I updated:
/applications/Rhino 7
/users/…/library/application support/McNeel/Rhinoceros

What a frightening afternoon :grimacing:

Cheers and Thanks!

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Hi -

Could you post or upload your gh file so that we can check this?