REVERSION to 5.4—is Time Machine the best way to go back to Mac Rhino 5.4 for the time being?

I installed update 5.5 a bit too soon after its release and quickly encountered several issues.

For the time being, I’d like to go back to 5.4 that I found to be stable on my Mac Mini Server (2011, quad-core i7, running 10.9 Mavericks)

Is reinstalling 5.4 from a Time Machine backup the best way to do this please?


Hi Clive-

Sorry for the delayed reply and to hear you have to revert to 5.4.2. Timemachine should work just fine for that. If that doesn’t work, you can download 5.4.2.

We would be curious to hear what bugs you encountered in 5.5 that were not in 5.4.2 so we can fix them. We are aware of the layout background color being black and have fixed that and will publish an update soon.



Thanks; using Time Machine, I’ve reverted to 5.4.2 without difficulty and that (continues) to run well.

5.5 fell over when I first tried to open an earlier file, created and saved with 5.4, which wasn’t a great start. When I did open a file, I noticed that there was problem with rendering dimensions: they appeared odd, kind of blacked out, as one might see text redacted from a legal document. Is that the layout problem that you mention? (NB it was only the dimensions that were blacked out, although I can’t say I spent long assessing).

The falling over of 5.5 was surprising, as the previous versions have been stable. In fact, astonishingly stable when one considers what is being accomplished. Despite what I trust is a passing hiccup, I remain hugely impressed with Rhino.

Odd. Glad you’re up and running again. It would be really helpful for us to see an example of a file that displayed properly in Rhino 5.4.2, but not in Rhino 5.5 for Mac. That seems like a bug worth investigating. Can you please send along a sample?

Dan, I deleted 5.5 and am not sure which file I had tried to open. I’m happy to try to help, but I think it would need me to install 5.5 again. Is it possible safely, or at all, to have both versions installed?

Under normal circumstances, yes it’s safe to have two versions of Rhino for Mac on your machine. However, in the transition from 5.4.2 to 5.5, we updated the preferences system to support future versions of Rhino, and I suspect this might be causing your problem. I’m hesitant to have you update to 5.5 again. We will be publishing another minor update (5.5.1) shortly, and I would rather you test that update when it rolls out (keeping good Timemachine backups of course).


Thanks for your reply of a couple of months ago.

I’m pleased to say 5.5.2 has been working in a stable way for some while now.

Looking forward in due course to Mac Rhino 6 with Grasshopper!

Good to hear!

Have you tried the latest RhinoWIP? The Grasshopper there is a bit closer to that which is currently in Rhino 6 (for Windows).