Reversing every other List in a data tree

I need some help splitting and manipulating a data tree of point lists. I have a data tree with many lists of points. The lists are split up by Z height, (this is going to be used for 3D printing layers)

I am now trying to reverse the points in every other list. Is there a way to reverse only the odd lists in a data tree?

Many Thanks
-B Carver


Sure, you can for instance do this:

You can use Dispatch instead of two Cull components.

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Awesome! thanks ill give that a try. Im still pretty new to grasshopper and data manipulation

Will dispatch apply to separating the lists or only the individual data points?

My proposal is the same as diff-arch but instead of two culls - use dispatch.

Tree statistics → dispatch the paths with a true-false pattern → 2x branch → reverse one of the branch components → merge

Gotcha, I just got it as I worked through diff-arch’s solution. Thanks so much!

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