Reverse shadows

Hello I’m sorry for my very bad english! I would like to know if anyone has an idea to solve my problem. I have shadows in an environment, but the object that produced the shadows disappeared … Is it possible to recreate (I do not know if we say “reversing shadows” the object using the shadows? A big thank you!

Pls post the file with internalized geometries. :slight_smile:

Hello Aris! I am an artist and not an architect or an engineer … My question may seem weird … In fact I want to calculate the projection of the shadows BEFORE doing the installation! In an empirical way, the people who make the art of shadows draw the silhouette on the projection wall and then manually move the objects in the beam of a projector … Me, I would like to calculate the locations, at home, on my computer and arrive at the projection location knowing exactly where to place the objects between the projector and the projection wall! In fact I wonder if there is a good training on prospects with Rhino! A big thank you in any case for being interested in my question! I used a translator to try to make me understand!

For some reason my browser doesn’t render the image you posted, but from what you say I kind of guess that you want the volume which is defined by the intersection of multiple shadows.
In the example bellow, you start from two silhouettes and connect each with a single point which will be the position of the projector of light.
The intersection of the two volumes is your sculpture.
Is this what you want? (25.5 KB)

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Thank you ! I will try it but you understand very well my problem and it s very friendly to help a newcommer…
It’s a good start for one of my passion : the optical illusion and curious perspective in Art ! You are very kind. Guy from Belgium