Reverse Import

I’ve got a template file for rendering and it would be handy if there was a one-step way of “importing” it into the current file, but the behaviour would actually be as if I had opened up the template and imported my file into IT.

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Hi Jim- , what are all the things in the template that you want to bring in?


Render materials, settings, umm Layouts, dimension styles…ok so it’s a little more than a render template…I suppose I could just save it as a template(except for what would happen to packed textures?)but I have a large library to change.

Jim, would a sort of ‘Selective Import’ work for you? I’ve been lobbying on and off over the years for someone to write a way to import individual ‘features’ from a Rhino file - just ‘check the boxes’, kind of thing. No takers yet…



Sounds like that would work.

Very good idea.


The concept of importing rendering setting into a new file is compelling. I have spent quite a while creating a specific rendering setting that show a boat in the water with the city of Annapolis behind it. The sun is low in the western sky for which I created a sun path that swathes over the boat. The sun path was easy enough simply setting the sun’t altitude to roughly 10 degrees. Anyway, to be able to bring those settings into a new file would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Rob