Reverse counterclockwise point list generation along circle


So this seems to be something inherit to the way grasshopper works and I’m not sure how to even begin to solve it…

Basically I’m trying to generate a select list of points on a circle and the way they are arranging is counterclockwise. Since it’s a select list of points (not an even division of the circle) the direction they generate is important as points and their tags are reversed. I’ve tried reversing the lists but this creates a new problem where the first number displayed at the top of the circle is the previously last number in the list (see attached image). The list is still being generated in a counterclockwise orientation.

Ideally, the points would arrange themselves around the circle in a similar way to a clock: with item 0 at the top and them moving clockwise to the next item in the list.

Thank you for your help and any tips! Very curious to figuring out how to finally solve this! (12.1 KB)

Reverse the circle with the “Flip Curve” component

Thanks for your help!