Reveals and split face

Is there any way to add reveals or split the face of a wall object? We typically use precast panels and need to indicate reveals with curves.


Hi @j.gruzi,

Unfortunately this is not possible. We could think about adding support for a command like SplitFace on VisualARQ objects.

Definitely a +1 from me for this feature! I used VA for a fuel station project that used Precast panels and I tried block-editing a VA wall to add chamfers to all the edges and it worked, but if the wall changes and you use the VAupdate button, the wall would
reset back to normal. So frustrating!!

I do feel like this software is at a level where some of these extras can be added in. For those that use a lot of concrete in there projects, I think a “check” button with an input box that asks what chamfer distance is needed is all that we need to start
off with, and then go into sweeps and reveals asking the user for a profile etc.

Just my 2c worth…

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