Return focus to form

Hello everybody, I am very new in programming and sure that my question is a little bit silly…
I have found this information about how to show a form using python scripting:


I have created a simple form with 3 combobox, that receive info from prompt using rs.Command (-TextObject) to create predefined formated strings.

But I want to make it intuitive, so after sending a rs.Command I want to return the focus to my form, but I am not able to achieve this (it holds in prompt). Any ideas how to deal with it?

Thank you!

I’m not finding anything in the way of documentation for the Meier UI Utility.

Within Rhino, if you use the Eto library, controls have a method .Focus which you could use to get focus back from Rhino.
Control.Focus Method (

The Python guide has a section on Eto forms in Rhino.
Rhino - Guides (

That library is really popular here and questions about it are generally answered well and quickly.

Hello everybody!, solved using self.form.Focus() after any combobox indexChanged.

Thanks @Nathan_Bossett for your reply!