Retrieving the first item from four list with one component

I have four lists of data. I would like to retrieve the first item from each and combine into a new list. Then repeat for index (1 / 2 / 3).

I can do this with ‘list item’ 4 seperate times changing the index but surely I can do this with one component and use less canvas space?

It sounds like you can merge the four list in a tree and use the Flip Matrix component, that will give you in the first branch all the 0 items, in the second branch all the 1 items…


I found a solution using weave but I am interested in your solution as I went to ‘flip matrix’ first to do this. Forgive the simple question but what component merges the four lists into a tree without making them one list of 4*X?

Thanks for the time to help Dani. I used merge with 3 grafted data sets to get the desired output :slight_smile: