Retrieving the Color of the Diffuse Map at 3D Points on a Texture Mapped Mesh

I’ve got a texture mapped mesh. Currently mapped with simple black and white dots for easy testing. It looks like the image shown.

I wish to sample it at the points shown (a helix of points on the surface). For each point I’d like to get the color of the texture (diffuse channel is fine). In the case of my test map I’d be getting either black or white.

Should be simple, right? I used the components shown…
Mesh Closest Point (MeshCP) to get the parameter of the mesh at those points. Send that into MeshEval (MEval) and get the Color values. As reported in other threads… they come back null.

I’ve seen other threads which using a C# node can get the diffuse map color at the texture coordinates. That works. But I need a much finer resolution of sampling than just at the texture coordinates. So I need a solution which works for any 3D point on the surface.

I’m happy to use any combination of native GH components, Python, C#, whatever…

Any thoughts? Thanks!