Retrieving pair indexes from a list of points for accurate parameter for shatter


I am sorry for asking if it´s a simple question, however I don´t know how to retrieve from a list of points all the even indexes (the list is flattened), because I need to shatter a curve at the t parameter from those points (and do the same for the odd numbers)(image attached).To do so I have used the closest point component to find the exact t of each point, but because there are many, I don´t know how to arrange the definition so that t is the one that corresponds to each curve. (image attached) (the ones above with odd number indexes and the curves below with even number indexes).

Thank you !

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I’m not sure if I followed your question 100%
you want to end up with something like this?
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note: dashed lines are just reference, I know you weren’t trying to break into dashes

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This looks like one of those problems that could be greatly simplified and solved in a variety of ways with an entirely different approach:

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Thank you very much for your answer!

I see that you started another thread on this subject:

Seems to me that you are painting yourself into needlessly complicated corners, then asking for help to get out. It’s hard to escape the idea that the basis for your lines and points are just rectangles? (white) And the super easy solution is Offset curve? (blue)

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